12th Elementary School

Image of Architect's Rendering of the 12th Elementary SchoolAccording to the Frederick County Public Schools’ 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan, the county’s 12th elementary school will open in the fall of 2018 with construction scheduled to begin in July 2017. The school will be constructed on a 20 acre site located adjacent to the Snowden Bridge development in Stephenson. The school site is also adjacent to 24 acres that are scheduled to be developed into a community park in the future. The sites for the school and community park were proffered to Frederick County by the developer of Snowden Bridge. To date, funds have only been appropriated for the design of the school. Additional action will be necessary by both the School Board and Board of Supervisors before
construction can begin.

Project Updates

Project Goals

Frederick County’s 12th elementary school is being designed by Grimm and Parker. Grimm and Parker developed the design for the building after conducting more than 40 meetings with stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, school administrators, members of the community at-large and residents of Snowden Bridge. After gathering input through the community engagement process, considering ways to improve building design based on lessons learned from past projects, and working with staff to better understand instructional best practices, the guiding principles for the school’s design were developed. They include: 
  • Students - Create a home for student-centered learning where students feel valued, safe and motivated to learn everyday. 
  • Pedagogy - Create learning environments that support collaborative, research-based instructional practices and facilitate communication, collaboration, critical thinking and citizenship. 
  • Inspiration - Create a place that inspires curiosity and innovative thinking, and engages teachers and students in their own learning throughout the entire school campus. 
  • Teachers/Staff - Create an environment where teachers feel valued and are able to collaborate across grade levels and content areas in spaces designed for them with a common vision to engage and motivate students to learn. 
  • Facility - Create a safe, welcoming, naturally daylit, open and transparent environment which facilitates and highlights student achievement and success, and is flexible and adaptable for changing educational needs. 
  • Community - Create a school that is a good neighbor and an extension of the community that honors the history of the local area while embracing the promise of a sustainable future. 
  • Furniture/Technology - Provide flexible and adaptable furniture and current relevant technology to create and support an inspired learning environment. 
  • Character - Create an environment that supports a holistic approach to learning that includes fitness, nutrition, discovery and inspires self-directed learning now and in the future. 


The design of the 12th elementary school represents a departure from the educational philosophy represented in the design of Evendale, Gainesboro and Greenwood Mill elementary schools which opened in 2006, 2007 and 2009, respectively. The school, which will total 104,000 square feet and have a capacity of 600 students, has been designed as a two-story building that features four collaborative learning commons surrounded by learning studios (classrooms). There will be a total of 34 classrooms in the building. The facility also features a gymnasium, dining area, and library as well as administrative offices. The school has been designed in such a way that the classroom wing and the dining area have room for potential future expansion.  

The school site will feature segregated access for school buses and vehicular traffic in order to promote student safety. Buses will access the school site off of Old Charles Town Road while other vehicles will access the school via Flyfoot Drive. A multi-purpose field and track as well as outdoor learning spaces will be part of the campus.